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Why granite and quartz worktops should be your first choice in the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where friends and family can gather, have great food and talk about their day. Creating an ambient space that encompasses both form and function can be a challenge, especially when there is so much choice available.

Kitchen worktops are largely overlooked in kitchen design, with people focusing on the aesthetics of kitchen cabinets, lighting design and appliances, but choosing the right worktops can add longevity and functionality to a kitchen, not to mention add value to your home.

Kitchen worktop specialists Mayfair Granite talk us through why granite and quartz worktops should be at the top of your list when it comes to kitchen design.

The natural beauty of Granite
Granite is a natural product that possesses a rich beauty that other worktops just can’t match. Each piece of granite is unique due to the way the stone was formed deep underground adding aesthetic appeal and depth of colour.

Granite is very durable and hardwearing, it is also heat resistant making it the perfect choice for a kitchen. Cool to the touch, granite is an ideal surface to roll out dough or even to make candy.

If sealed correctly, granite is stain resistant and won’t absorb liquids like other types of worktops, it is also easy to clean and maintain, and does not harbour bacteria, making it a safer option.

Granite comes in a wide range of earthy colours from various black and blue colours to subtle browns, golds and whites. The natural swirls, vines and waves of the stone make it a luxurious and eye-catching option for any kitchen.

One of the biggest benefits of granite worktops is that they can be cut into virtually any shape you want. Granite can be cut into curves, arches, 90 or 45 degree angles or have specially routed edges depending on your specification.

Although Granite is more expensive than other worktop surfaces, if you make the right choice it actually adds value to your home when you come to sell it.

Consistency is key for Quartz Worktops
Quartz worktops are known for their strength and durability, as well as their amazing colours. Quartz is an engineered material where natural minerals are combined with resins and other materials to form a sealed and polished surface.

Because Quartz is man-made it is more consistent in colour than Granite, but still offers similar advantages such as being stain and bacteria resistant, highly durable and easy to clean. If looked after well, Quartz is virtually maintenance free and has a high heat and chip resistance.

Depending on the proportions in which the resins and various minerals are mixed, Quartz can be made in a range of different colours from bright reds and yellows to more muted greys and browns. This makes Quartz perfect for those who want the visual appeal of natural stone with the benefits of an engineered material.

As with Granite, Quartz worktops can be cut into a variety of shapes to create beautifully flowing lines, arches or angles to give an aesthetically pleasing finish. Quartz can also be made in various sizes minimising the number of joints in the worktop.

Whether you’re looking for the natural beauty of Granite, or the consistency and various colours of Quartz worktops for your kitchen, these luxurious materials will provide many years of service while adding value to your home.