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2020 Garden Trends from Juliettes Interiors

From soft contemporary furniture and Japandi-infused design, to muted colour palettes, Juliette Thomas, Founder & Director of leading interiors retailer Juliettes Interiors, takes a look at the key furniture trends for the garden this summer.


One of the key interior design trends for 2020 has been the rise of Japandi; the merge of Scandinavian and Japanese design. From minimalist furniture pieces which appear to effortlessly float, to simplistic natural wooden bench designs with elegant slim profiles, the Japandi trend brings a touch of modern opulence to outdoor furniture this summer.”


Adding a soft contemporary feel to outdoor spaces is a must this season. With additional time now spent at home, consumers are seeking sumptuous lounging pieces designed to offer comfort and relaxation on a balmy day. We’re noticing a rise in the more natural look, moving from austere paving and metal structures to outdoor areas with touches of warmth, texture and plenty of surrounding foliage.”


The luxury furniture industry is packed full of curves, from chaise lounges and armchairs to backs of beautifully luxurious sofas, and now we’re seeing this trend trickle through to the garden. Asymmetric designs and modular seating is proving popular, with furniture that allows varying configurations for large spaces or intimate areas.”


Complement nature by bringing wicker furniture pieces into your garden. Designed to flow with nature and to appear effortlessly within the outdoors, wicker is the perfect addition to your space. Not only aesthetically pleasing, wicker is practical too as it’s extremely durable and works well whether placed poolside or in a cosy cottage courtyard.”


We’re all aware of the numerous benefits to spending more time in the great outdoors. It can boost moods, lower blood pressure and provide relaxation, so it’s essential to design gardens with the aim of encouraging people to spend more time outside. Zoning plays a key part in this, creating areas or rooms’ within gardens provides an extension of the home, enabling designated areas for dining and entertaining or for cosy reading corners. The trend extends this summer to built-in rooms such as offices, summer houses and even outdoor kitchens, or for the ultimate outdoor room we suggest incorporating a gym, sauna or even a yoga studio.”


Muted colours in outdoor furniture pieces are a must for any luxurious outside space. Choosing a subtle colour palette in grey or beige or in soft hues of blue and green will extenuate your garden, allowing your flowers and grasses to pop and complement each other to create a balanced garden to admire.”


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