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5 Easy ways to use paint to transform your home!

Paint is such an easy way to create a big impact at a minimal cost, and its an easy application so most people can do this themselves without the need of hiring a decorator. The best thing is, if you hate it, you can just paint over it again. I would, however, recommend finished the original vision so you can see it finished, as it often needs all the furniture back in the room for it all to tie together. Key is always to get samples on walls, or even paint it on some paper (bigger the better) so you can hold it up and move it around the room to see how it reacts in the different natural and artificial lighting. 

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1 Paint the ceiling
We are all so used to just having white ceilings, as if they came straight from the original builder. Even if you just paint them a softer, off-white colour that has some warmth to it, it can make a huge difference to the feeling of the room. 

2 Paint the woodwork in to match the walls
You may think this is quite a contemporary aesthetic, however, if you have a period home, with the original architraves and doors with beautiful mouldings, this can still look beautiful. 

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3 Paint the woodwork to contrast with the walls
This is an old trick, which still works wonders. You can even use the woodwork as the main colour, and paint the walls and ceiling an off white, or you can have two colours which work together. 

4 Go bold
Most people would look at bold colours in rooms and love them, but never paint their own rooms those colours. Bolder colours can be used in more subtle ways so they’re not so overpowering, or if you want to, you can really go for it to make your room vibrant and fun. 

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5 Forget a feature wall, paint them all
Feature walls have always been used, and they have their place in some designs. I tend to find people who aren’t so brave tend to do a slightly darker colour on one wall. Darker colours aren’t something to be afraid of, they can work beautifully, and if you opt for the heritage colours, they will never be out date. 

Written by: Jessica Bell of Studio Belle Interior Design.