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Beautiful Flooring Without the Footprint

Cork is the bark of a remarkable tree: Quercus Suber, the cork oak. Across a 200-year lifespan, the cork oak is harvested fifteen times without damage. It simply regenerates after each extraction. A harvested cork oak retains three to five times more CO2 than an unharvested tree, so the cork oaks of the Montado play a vital role in the fight against global warming.

Launching in January 2022, Recork is a new brand which has reinvented the humble cork flooring. Fusing nature with 21st century technology, Recork is a healthy, high-performance surface that looks and feels amazing, and benefits the planet by tackling climate change head on. 

Good for you, good for the planet
Having worked in the flooring industry for thirty years, founder James Scully had a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon when he began to develop the Recork brand and product. In addition, James was influenced by his passion and desire to protect the planet, giving Recork its special qualities as a beautiful, functional flooring that helps reverse the effects of global warming.

As a new brand, Recork’s aim is to be as carbon neutral as possible, therefore the product is part of the circular economy – a model dedicated to the elimination of pollution and waste, the recirculation of products and the regeneration of nature. Unique in both its appearance and its construction, Recork is the only cork flooring on the market that uses this technique, taking raw cork from the Portuguese cork oak forests and turning production waste, used for stoppers and cork from early harvests into flooring planks. This innovative approach to manufacturing helps tackle climate change and biodiversity loss together while addressing important social needs.

Natural, biodegradable, recyclable and renewable – there are so many unique properties to cork. At Recork, we’re really excited about the role cork is already playing in building and interior design, and are proud to incorporate this incredible material into our sustainable flooring. There is no better time to start really thinking about how to look after ourselves and the planet, and we truly feel Recork is a step forward in the right direction.’ — James Scully, founder of Recork

The Una collection
As the brand’s first collection, Recork has launched Una. Created in the form of an agglomerated cork plank, the Una range is made simply from waste cork, with a synthetic binder.

Available in six shades, from whites and greys that complement Scandi themes to rich, warm browns, plant-based oil is applied to colour the cork and enhance its natural beauty, allowing its warmth and texture to shine through. The surface is then primed with a specially developed precoat that allows the cork core to flex and absorb impacts. Scratch resistant and providing outstanding chemical and wear resistance, the Una collection is perfectly suited to every challenge thrown its way. Not only does it look great, but there are a number of health benefits of having cork in the home including noise reduction, thermal insulation and improved air quality — to name a few.

What makes cork flooring sustainable? 

• No trees are damaged or cut down when the bark of the cork oak is harvested

• Cork absorbs five times more carbon dioxide than other types of trees

• Every square metre of cork flooring removes up to 186kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its lifetime.