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by Aspect County

Beauty in bespoke

Why settle for something off-the-peg when you can have bespoke? The beauty of bespoke is that it can be as individual as you are. No two homes, and the space within, are the same, which is why more people are turning to master craftsmen to create beautiful bespoke furniture. Everything from fitted wardrobes to a dresser and a fully fitted kitchen to made-to-measure seating can be created to make your home truly unique.

Situated on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells you will find the showroom and extensive workshops of David Haugh. With over thirty years of furniture making knowledge and skills, he and his team of experts have extensive experience in designing and building bespoke furniture. 

The team are working towards being carbon neutral and sustainability is of upmost importance when it comes to sourcing materials, so only accredited sourced timbers and veneers are used. 

During the pandemic, the local family business found that the time spent at home meant more projects’ were generated by people’s desires to renovate their homes. A recent bespoke order took them in the direction of Canada. A customer had spent time living in Canada and had admired the beautiful maple wood found there. So, as a lasting reminder of their time overseas, solid maple wood was sourced to create unique bedroom furniture in the pale, blonde hardwood timber. 

Why do people always gather in the kitchen at parties?
Historically it was because the kitchen was the warmest room in the house, thanks to the heat of the stove, but nowadays whilst it can still be the case it is also because it is the most versatile room in the home. A place to cook, share a meal, chat, play a game and to party! 

In a time when we have wanted to gather the family closer together, to share in special moments once again, curved banquette seating has proven to be a popular fixture for the larger kitchen. Equally as desirable are bench style-seating for tables and wooden stools for islands so that your guests can still chat to you whilst you’re preparing a meal. David Haugh can make a special feature to fit any room, without skimping on space – that’s the beauty of being truly bespoke.