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Bedroom Bliss - 2022 Bedroom Trends with Button & Sprung

From countryside-chic décor to Rococo-inspired headboards, Button & Sprung provides expert insight into the upcoming bedroom trends for 2022.

Curvaceous statement headboards
There has been a move away from sharp rectangular bed designs, towards headboards with adventurous curves. This shape lends itself particularly well to both pastel and bold coloured velvets, creating a visual contrast when situated in a pared-back bedroom scheme.

Regency-inspired styles are also experiencing a revival. The Rose bed embodies classic appeal with its luxurious look — a timeless addition to any bedroom scheme.

The beauty of bespoke
In a worlds where everything can start to look the same on social media, nothing beats owning something personalised and unique to your individual style. Button & Sprung can upholster every one of its beds in any fabric of your choosing, including bold prints, luxurious linens and plush velvets allowing the consumer to create their own bed.’ Adam Black, co-founder, Button & Sprung

County-inspired style
Country-chic or Cottagecore’ has been a key trend for the past couple of years. Lush linens, imperfect ceramics and scalloped edges feature in abundance to create a maximalist interior setting. Whilst the move towards more homely interiors is going nowhere, there has definitely been a shift towards a softer take on this eclectic trend.

Perfectly suited to both classic and contemporary schemes, a gentle approach to country styling embraces nature with an earthy colour palette of warm neutrals and clay hues. Tactile materials including linen, wicker and wood all play a key part in achieving this natural, stripped-back style.

Sustainable living
The modern consumer is increasingly aware of the environmental issues we’re facing. Because of this, we want to know where products are made and what it is that they are made from. The interior industry in particular is having to re-think its sustainability strategy.

100% natural materials
Last year, Button & Sprung launched a new range of 9 mattresses. Made using only 100% natural fillings and world-leading pocket spring technology. Every one of their mattresses can be fully recycled at the end of its life. Self-confessed foam-a-phobes, this sustainable brand is ahead of the game and ready to meet the needs of the modern consumer. Sumptuously supportive and available in a range of varying tensions, there is an eco-conscious mattress to suit any type of sleeper.