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biOrb’s funky fish tanks – Immerse in nature

If you have ever stood gazing out across the sea or watching the ripples in a pool or lake you may have felt the calming effects of the flowing water wash over you. A moment of serenity, in an otherwise chaotic world. As the days grow colder and the nights draw in we’re more inclined to seek comfort in our homes. So why not bring an element of the outside in? As we readjust to busier lifestyles, the home should be a place to relax, re-focus and unwind from the stresses of the day.

Classic 60 L Main Room Set

Uplifting interiors and bringing a hint of nature back into living spaces is the key – with biOrb’s aquariums. Designed to not only be functional, biOrb presents an opportunity to create a truly personalised reef that can be accessorised and finished with colour-changing lights for the ultimate mood enhancement.

Providing a completely natural construction, the unique infiltration of the design is based on the cycle of a fish’s natural living environment – ensuring a conveniently healthy underwater world. 

A more striking look can be achieved with the distinct Tube design that exudes a relaxing ambience across any style scheme. There’s also the option of the Cube, Halo, Flow and Life designs, all make for effortless cleaning and maintenance. Completely customisable, the MCR light unit found in the tank has 16 different coloured light choices – allowing you to set the mood. The result is a magnificent home addition that brings balance to the working day and transforms spaces with a calm and tranquil feel.

Whether paired with beautiful wooden finishes across classic interiors to more contemporary style spaces, the design of the biOrb fish tank will provide a fresh and impactful finish to a diversity of locations.

Allow your mind to be completely free by creating a captivating underwater world with biOrb. 


BI Cube30 L Box 72022 lowres

BI Tube35 L Box 72073 lowres