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Bold bootility rooms

Three design tips from Alex Main, director of The Main Company

Bootility rooms are increasing in popularity, with homeowners looking to introduce these stylish, highly-functional spaces into the home. A desirable feature, bootility rooms are highly practical and contribute to the smooth running of the home alongside containing ample storage space for everyday essentials.

Director of The Main Company, Alex Main shares design advice for creating a sought-after boot room:

Make sure to do your research and think about how you want the finished space to look. Browse Pinterest and look online or in magazines for inspiration, so you can communicate your vision more easily to your designer or architect. However, stay open-minded and listen to any suggestions they may have as this may save you space, time and money.”

One of the benefits of a bespoke bootility design is that it can be completely customised to suit your every need. Floor-to-ceiling cupboards provide helpful storage space, ideal for busy family households whereas a second sink or doggy bath with shower handset is perfect for those with pets to avoid trampling mud through the home. Hooks, hardware and bespoke shelving can also be added to create a completely unique and practical space that can accommodate all of your belongings.”

Colour is another key consideration and often the final touch; we often recommend homeowners opt for cabinetry painted in the same colour finish as their kitchen to retain a level of cohesion and to create flow — this can be easily changed or altered without a complete remodel in the future. If colour isn’t for you perhaps opt for reclaimed cladding, this can provide an impactful feature which exudes character.”

Widely recognised for their stunning bespoke kitchens, The Main Company also provide flooring, bootility room and built-in furniture solutions to suit any home.