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Bora – Cooktop extractor systems for the heart of the kitchen

As we spend more time at home now, many of us are taking the opportunity to make some changes, particularly in the kitchen. BORA offers a wide range of innovative cooktop extraction systems, to ensure the kitchen is well equipped. Whether you have a small space, are a keen cook, or simply want to add a touch of colour to your kitchen, BORA offers a range of high-quality solutions.

For small kitchens
When space is tight a streamlined finish is important. BORA extractors are directly integrated into the hob for the ultimate space-saving solution, while the modular system enables the cooking zones to be tailored to individual needs. With cooking vapours sucked in from the worktop, odours that would otherwise spread throughout the living area are a distant memory. Finally, the unique design of the various BORA ranges creates the sense of discreet modernity.

For colourful kitchens

Colour is an on-trend way of adding personality and character to the kitchen. With BORA Pure the German manufacturer offers a myriad of colourful variations to give the kitchen a touch of sparkle; green, blue, greige or red, anything goes!

BORA Pure kitchen black chicken

Equip the kitchen as you wish
At the heart of the home, the kitchen is often where we spend the most time. Now more than ever, it is important to feel comfortable, not only with the décor and layout, but with the addition of quality household appliances.

The wide range of BORA products means that all needs are catered for, putting professional cooking

techniques at the fingertips of even amateur chefs, with a variety of cooking zones that also include a Teppanyaki cooking plate and a hob dedicated to wok cooking, all with an elegant and modern design.