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Cuckoo Calling

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to hear the sound of a cuckoo calling, it’s quite a treat for the ears and a sign that summer is on its way – especially in the UK, where the seldom-seen bird visits from April onwards and departs for warmer climes by the end of June.


It is not certain who and when the first cuckoo clock was made but it is this dove-sized grey bird, with a two-note call that sounds similar to its name, which is the focal point of the traditional clock originating from the Black Forest in south-west Germany. It was here that the cuckoo clock was popularised and became a cultural icon. Although, towards the end of the 19th century, Switzerland had a hand in the popularity of the clock when they designed the chalet’ style, which became a favourite souvenir of visitors to the country. 

Nowadays cuckoo clocks are made, taking inspiration from contemporary decorative styles. These modern timekeepers are characterised by their functional, schematic, and minimalist aesthetic. 

With two variations, the mechanical, typically pendulum regulated or the modern quartz, battery-powered, both styles see the cuckoo emerge from its enclosure to produce the cuckoo call to denote the hour.

Just Cuckoos Ltd. is the UK’s largest online retailer of high-quality cuckoo clocks where makers are selected for their fine workmanship and design. Providing an unrivalled range of clocks, from traditional chalet and hunter style to the more contemporary design, bold in style, colour and shape they all feature the elusive bird, a visitor to our shores at this time of year! 

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