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Make a statement underfoot with Signature carpet

If you wish for a truly unique interior, then allow Signature to assist you in creating a custom designed carpet or rug for your home. A quality custom made carpet or rug can provide a luxurious addition to your interior. After many years of minimalist design, more decorative interiors are a rising trend, with an emphasis on texture, pattern and colour, using beautiful soft yarns to give a feel of real opulence under foot.

Custom made carpets and rugs can be created from your wildest dreams. From exotic animal prints and ornate design styles, to adapting historical design elements from your home into borders and motifs, you can choose from different qualities mixing wools and luxury fibres such as silk and bamboo to create the most beautiful floor coverings with a sheen finish in a velvet pile. 

Whatever your design style, traditional, contemporary or modern, Signature will partner you with one of their designers to help you move from initial inspiration and ideas to designing your carpet. They will ensure your designer is in contact throughout the entire process starting from your initial design meeting, to producing a bespoke sample for approval, right up to the final stages of delivery and installation. Even offering after care and cleaning advice on how to look after your new carpet.

An appointment can be arranged to meet a designer in the Sussex showroom, to view their extensive library of work, or at the project location, which will allow the designer to take a full site survey and discuss all aspects of design, quality, yarns and colours.

Signature is the UK’s premier designer and manufacturer of luxury handmade carpets and rugs. They have been creating magnificent floor coverings for over 25 years, offering a service throughout the UK and often abroad. Signature creates beautiful handmade luxury fitted carpets and large area rugs individually designed for each client. Each one is specially designed to work perfectly with all other elements of your carefully selected interior design.

If you are planning on replacing your carpets, then why not speak to one of Signatures’ designers? The Sussex showroom is available to visit by appointment only.