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by Aspect County

Doris – Available in 7 coloursways

Oversized florals and atypical quirks, this is the wallpaper for the originals. For those strong characters who know what they love and embrace it. Jacobean in its style, Doris is a modern take on a whimsical print redrawn by hand.And like its namesake, Nina’s Grandmother Doris, this design is dynamic, courageous and packed with passion. If ever history was reimagined, this is it!

Lepidoptera – Available in 3 colourways: Butterflies are insects in the macrolepidopteran clade Rhopalocera from the order Lepidoptera. Adult butterflies have large, often brightly coloured wings, and conspicuous, fluttering flight. The Butterfly

Plumage​– Available in 7 colourways: At the start of her design career, Nina was told not to use caged birds in her wallpaper designs. You see, there is a superstition that caged birds in the home bring bad luck. It all goes back to the days of taking canaries down the mines to test for deadly poisons in the air. Plumage in all its glory, sets these caged birds free allowing them to mingle among the rich flora and fauna and bring happy vibes to your home.

Ava Marika Emerald Wallpaper: A new colourway of our iconic Ava Marika our customers wanted so we listened. Our take on the Dutch Masters’ moody floral look. Ava Marika is an expressive green floral with touches of rouge, blush and bursts teal. We have expressed the true potential of digital print and experimented with scale without it be overpowering in your home.

Fearless – Available in 7 colourways: A timeless damask with a hidden serpent, bold with a twist! Fear is something that biological creatures developed to help them survive in nature Nina has a fear of snakes it is said to be the most common phobia in existence.

Biophilia Wall Mural: A biophilic scene featuring lush vegetation created from a vintage botanical encyclopaedia the perfect way to bring the outside in. 


About Woodchip & Magnolia: Nina Marika Tarnowski is the creative force behind Woodchip & Magnolia, a design house famed for its striking wallpaper, fabrics and bold fearless pattern. Aged just five she told her school teacher she was going to be a wallpaper designer and that’s exactly what she did after graduating from Leeds College of Art in 1997 with a BA (Hon’s) in Surface Pattern and Textile Design. 

Fast forward, and after 18 years as Head Stylist and Design Manager for British wallpaper house Graham & Brown, Nina has now gone solo. Alongside husband Paul, an industry expert who spent 16 years at the helm of Graham & Brown’s technical team, Nina launched Woodchip & Magnolia with a determination to do things her own way. Her vision to bring together her creativity with Paul’s technical know-how have made Woodchip & Magnolia unique in the pioneering way they use traditional design skills in a digital world. 

Freed from the deadlines and seasonal launches most design houses adhere too, Nina can launch the designs she loves when the mood takes her. Her designs are available to order the minute they are unveiled online. With a determination to protect the environment at the heart of their business, Woodchip & Magnolia manufacture all their own wallpaper and fabrics in-house so their business remains as eco-friendly and sustainable as it possibly can be. They work with artists they love and boast unique ranges, including a stunning collection of wallpapers and velvets from vintage style queen Pearl Lowe – their wallpapers now hang in the bedrooms of supermodels, five-star hotels and legions of family homes. 

Because interiors need never be boring again!