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From Persia with Love

When modern-day Iran was conquered by the Persian Empire in 539 BC, they were met by a culture already skilled in carpet weaving. Their nomadic culture shared with goats and sheep meant that the people had an endless supply of high-quality and durable wool.

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Many of the most treasured antique Persian rugs, dating back to the 16th century, are housed in museums and private collections around the world. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that Persian carpets were woven for export to Europe and America, the demand ranged from huge carpets that would take several weavers years to make to small nomadic rugs that were for domestic use. Highly regarded for their rich colours, elaborate patterns and the quality of the workmanship, a Persian carpet became a must have possession for many households in the West, which were displayed on walls and adorned floors for all to admire. 

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Antique and Vintage Rugs and Carpets, in Rye, emanated over fifty years ago from a love and interest in the human artistry and skill of hand knotted rugs. The first rug that sparked the enthusiasm, a beautiful late 19th century tribal Qashqai, still belongs to the owner today.

In store you can expect to see some of the finest examples of Persian rug with a variety of designs, according to the region where the item was produced, that demonstrate the art and skill of the weaver. The stock of more than 300 carpets and rugs range in age from 1880 to 1980 and in size from 5m x 4m to small yastiks less than one m2. These hand knotted works of art fit into all types of décor, for the wall or floor. Their beauty lies not only with the skill of the weavers and dyers but also in their versatility, suitable for any home, they will certainly stand the test of time.

In addition to the wide array of rugs, Antique and Vintage Rugs and Carpets can offer a full cleaning and repair/restoration service and advice on conservation of your purchase with a service redolent of a bygone era. 


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