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Help to create a hedgehog friendly garden

Seedball has teamed up with the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) to bring you their new Hedgehog Mix that’s been especially created to produce a hedgehog friendly wildflower patch in your garden that not only provides shelter but importantly attracts a whole range of tasty insects for hedgehogs to feed on – yum!

All the flowers in the mix are ones that attract the most favoured Hedgehog insects with a blend of Birdsfoot Trefoil, Poppy, Red Clover, Self Heal, Tufted Vetch, Wild Carrot and Yellow Rattle.

The UK’s hedgehog population is struggling, with numbers down by 50 percent in the last 20 years. 

Proceeds from the sale of every tin go directly to supporting PTES in their conservation work. Hedgehog Awareness Week takes place this year on 3 – 9 May 2020.

The Hedgehog Mix has 20 seed balls with 30 seeds per ball, enough to cover 1 metre square in a garden bed or 3 – 5 medium sized pots (leave at least 10cm between each ball). Best scattered in Spring or Autumn. 

RRP £6 seed​ball​.co​.uk/​p​r​o​d​u​c​t​/​h​e​d​gehog