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Introducing the Peruvian Collection by Sofas & Stuff

Bringing together artisan makers and craftmanship from opposite sides of the world.

Petworth Snuggler in Peruvian Fabric Collection Juana Ceieve Cisneros No11 landscape

Sofas & Stuff is delighted to announce the launch of an extremely special, limited-edition collection of sixty unique sofas, chairs and footstools, featuring textiles created by the spinners and weavers of the Centre for Traditional Textiles, Cusco, Peru. The furniture created from the hand-dyed and handwoven cloth showcases the very best in craftsmanship from opposite sides of the world: artisan makers brought together during an extraordinary global pandemic, in a celebration of textiles, craft and heritage.

All images on this page ©Selvedge Magazine and the CTTC (Centre for Traditional Textiles, Cusco)

During the onset of the pandemic in 2020, Andrew Cussins, Founder of Sofas & Stuff, drew inspiration from past editions of textile and cloth magazine, Selvedge. With the desire to explore connections with artisans who could make unique fabrics suitable for high-end upholstery, Andrew approached the editor, Polly Leonard. Presented with a range of interesting options, the samples from a community of weavers, high in the Andean mountains, are what particularly caught his attention. An initial order for 360m of naturally dyed, hand spun and woven cloth, turned out to be something of a lifeline for the communities, who were severely hit by the shutting down of Peru’s tourism industry – and from that, The Peruvian Collection was born.

Harwood Chair in Peruvian Fabric Collection Basilia Quispe Champi No12 landscape

The new collection features cloth from seven weaving communities in the Cusco region of Peru, each with its own distinctive traditions, techniques and colour combinations. Upholstered on five footstool and seven chair designs carefully chosen from Sofas & Stuff’s range of handmade, bespoke furniture to showcase these remarkable textiles.

This unique collaboration with the Cusco weavers reflects the importance Sofas & Stuff places on the value of craft heritage, be it rooted in Britain or in communities far from these shores, and their commitment to creating furniture with substance and a narrative that takes account of the provenance of materials, the sustainability of different processes involved, and the transmission of valuable skills into the future. 

Craftsmanship and artisan skill are integral to Sofas & Stuff’s approach to furniture design and manufacture. High quality and inspirational fabrics lie at the heart of the brand and include exclusive designs created in-house, alongside those from celebrated British international fabric houses.