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Jasmine Fleur – New Luxurious Floral Fragrance from Candalia

Added to the wonderfully fragrant collection of aromatic home scents from Candalia is Jasmine Fleur. Available as a large candle and diffuser, the special limited-edition fragrance is guaranteed to add an enriching floral aroma to the home. 

A fragrance designed to create a fresh and uplifting feel to a room; Jasmine Fleur is packed with a beautiful, gentle breeze of pure and delicate jasmine flowers. Zesty magnolia and orange blossom notes enhance the smooth and creamy petals of jasmine and stock. Neroli and bergamot citrus notes complement the floral scents to complete this delightful fragrance.

Made using 100 percent natural wax and cotton wicks and designed to burn evenly in a way that significantly reduces the amount of smoke and carbon emitted, whilst maintaining 100 percent of the fragrance, Candalia’s range of candles promises to ensure sustainability, which is at the very heart of the brand.

More than a background fragrance, the range of candles and reed diffusers create an emotion, a timeless memory and a soothing ambience. Exuding effortless elegance and sophistication, a fragrance from Candalia is the perfect addition to any abode.