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JUBILEE - Royal Grandeur: How to add a little into your home

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June is always a great month, as it marks the beginning of summer, but this year it’s even greater. As the UK gathers to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of our Queen. With festivities planned around the UK, all eyes will be glued to Buckingham Palace where many of the celebrations and events in the capital will take place. This got us thinking about the lavish décor of the palace, and other royal residences, and how we can introduce a little royal grandeur into our own homes.

How Very British wallpaper by Willis Bloom landscape

You don’t have to aspire to be a prince, princess or even a lady-in-waiting to add a touch of palatial finery to your home. The creative partnership at Willis Bloom share their ideas of how to bring a touch of regal grandeur to your abode: 

Nothing says opulence, luxury and status more than gold. Use in small touches, think accessorising with gold frames, light fixings, ornaments, or as detail picked up in your fabrics. 

Dine in style
Lay a table fit for a king. Beautiful China set off with immaculate cutlery and glassware. All fit for purpose. Layer the table with platters, linen napkins and bring a touch of theatre to the table with a candelabra or two!

Rich hues
Purple has been associated with nobility since ancient times, with emperors, kings and aristocracy wearing this colour. Historically a precious and expensive dye, this colour signifies dignity, sophistication, elegance and passion. If purple is not to your taste explore decadent blues and deep reds to achieve the same rich effect. 

Regal Beauty fabric by Willis Bloom 3

Beautiful items that stand the test of time. Invest in some pieces that you can showcase and place centre stage that set the tone and feel of a room. 

More is more
Go big, go bold, minimalism certainly doesn’t scream opulence. A richly layered scheme with multiple textures, detail and ornaments is the way ahead for a grand statement. 

They say when choosing a bed, go for the biggest your budget and bedroom allows. If you’re fortunate to have high ceilings then why not consider a four-poster bed, or luxurious canopy made with sumptuous material? Maximise the space you have and embrace your inner monarch with layering of cushions, bedlinen and throws.

Window dressing
The windows of your home are your view to the outside world, frame that outlook with full floor length curtains. Don’t skimp on the fabric, dress your windows to impress!

Willis Bloom are a husband-and-wife team who design glorious printed and handmade fabric, wallpaper and homeware items, all of which are unique and handmade in England. With eleven vibrant fabric collections, ideal for soft furnishings, upholstery, curtains and blinds and the statement wallpaper collection, your home can burst into life with design, colour and pattern.

Their Regal Beauty Collection is classic with a fun twist and features elegant crowns forming a rhythmic pattern. From boudoir to cloakroom, every room deserves the royal treatment. Available in linens, wallpaper and homewares too, including Aga toppers and oven gloves. You’ll also be the talk of your street party, wearing the Regal Beauty apron, in a gentle platinum colourway, with matching tea towel over arm!

The charming collection, How Very British is a show-stopping wallpaper and fabric pattern. At first glance it appears to be a classic design but peer a little closer and you are rewarded with some gloriously quirky British icons all playing together to form a beautiful design for real and beautiful homes. Regal and refined.

Visit the Willis Bloom website for more design ideas and to view their range of products and collections.