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Let in the light

Shutters and blinds are more than just a beautiful interior design choice, they come with a host of benefits, allowing light in, to brighten a dark room or darken a room when you need to sleep. In the cooler months they can insulate your windows keeping the warmth within, and can save up to 50% on your heating bills. As natural insulators, shutters are a great choice for period properties. They are also excellent in the summer, when kept closed to keep a room cool, whilst protecting soft furnishings from the sun – all these benefits rolled into an attractive window covering.

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Bespoke tailor-made window coverings, rather than off-the-shelf blinds, will fit your windows perfectly, especially in period properties where windows may not be a standard size. Shutters are timeless, matching any interior style, whether you are in a new build or a traditional cottage, Shuttercraft have something for you. In a choice of stylish wood, fabric, or room darkening material to complement your existing décor, shutters are the most versatile option, and the more robust ranges are ideal for family spaces where they will be used regularly – plus they are extremely easy to clean, with a simple wipe of a damp cloth.

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With shutters, you can control each panel individually – allowing you to keep the bottom half closed for maximum privacy and open the top panels or louvres to allow sunshine to fill the room. Steamy showers and bubbly baths are no barrier to having beautiful shutters as your choice of window covering in the bathroom. Even in the most humid room in the house, they can ventilate without sacrificing privacy all whilst withstanding the humidity.

Whether you’re trying to create a more modern or a traditional home design Shuttercraft can help to find a style to fall in love with for both your windows and doors. You can enjoy premium, made-to-measure shutters with the benefit of an expert surveyor and fitter who will guide you through the whole process to find the perfect solution for your home.

Bay windows are a beautiful feature in many UK homes, particularly period properties, but they can be tricky to dress. This is just one of the many window styles which Shuttercraft can supply made-to-measure coverings of your choice to exact specifications.

If you have a large open plan living space and want to create a smaller snug area then have you considered shutters to zone the space? Shutters can help reshape the spaces you love, keep them closed to create different rooms, or fold them back and out of the way, joining your rooms together when required.

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