Homes & Interiors
by Aspect County

Let there be light

Now that we are all working from home, we have seen a rise in makeshift home offices and will begin to see homes designed with more purpose and functionality. When designing a home office, look at interior design plans that maximise purpose – think drawer, shelf and surface space – and don’t forget the all-important lighting.

Furniture is trending toward multifunctionality, which is a trend that will continue to grow as homeowners have started to think of giving alternative uses to furniture. A fold-up table can be repurposed as a desk or hinged to a wall and be an artwork frame when not a desk; an outdoor table that can be tucked away once it’s no longer needed. These are excellent tips for those who don’t have loads of space.

These interior design ideas are what you’ll find at Edwards Lighting & Furniture Centre. Stylish and useful pieces for every room in the house – dining, living, office, bedroom and garden, from classic lines to on-trend products, there is something for every space! They also demonstrate how the perfect lighting scheme can transform a room. Their showrooms in Tonbridge and Tonbridge Wells has lighting for every requirement, from design-led innovative statement pieces, timeless classics to budget friendly lights.