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Living art with house plants

The Little Botanical has launched a new collection of gorgeous Biophilic designs, expanding

on their existing living wall collection. Inviting the natural environment indoors, these

beautiful wall hung frames are the latest plant trend and are set to innovate interior design,

transforming living spaces into green oases. The contemporary and stylish plant brand wants

to encourage people to think differently about indoor greenery and the many ways

houseplants can add depth, texture and natural architecture to an indoor space. The new

selection of green walls and botanical art bring to life any space whether that’s your kitchen

or home office space with the installations being delivered straight to doorsteps nationwide

when ordered directly from their website.

The Little Botanical’s new collection not only brings the natural outdoors inside making the space look great, but the plants also improve the quality of air around you, removing toxins from the air, reducing stress and improving productivity. The family run business has a mission to inspire more people to make plants part of their lives.

Living Art (Small)
This charcoal grey mounted plant masterpiece measures 50cm square, it is easily attached to your wall and will instantly add green style to your indoor space. The frame arrives with four houseplants and is the perfect size to transform your living space into a green haven, no matter what size room you have.

Living Art (Medium)
Measuring 70cm square, this larger brushed silver frame comes with nine plants and a water reservoir with an indicator to let you know when it needs watering. It’s super easy to install and creates a green oasis brightening the room.

PlantBox Living Walls
Living Walls take Biophilic design to the next level, they transform your home into an indoor jungle with colourful and vibrant greenery. Living Walls come in sets of five or ten troughs, and they can be ordered with or without plants. Easy to put together, each trough has a 1.8L water reservoir which keeps plants watered for at least a week. This clever system will even tell you when to water your plants. These gorgeous plant boxes are also made from recycled plastic.

Biophilic design principles have pervaded our man-made surroundings since human architecture began. For thousands of years, people have looked for ways to incorporate the natural habitat into the design of homes, workspaces, and public places. Biophilia (meaning love of nature) focuses on human’s innate attraction to nature and natural processes. It suggests that we all have a genetic connection to the natural world built up through hundreds of thousands of years of living in agrarian settings.

With a passion for interiors and art, co-founder Morag Hill said: Our mission is to provide consumers with quick, easy access to horticultural home styling solutions; inspiring them to incorporate greenery into their everyday lives. We want to spread the word about the benefits of indoor greenery and support people on their plant journey.”

With over 100 years in the industry, The Little Botanical brings a fresh perspective to indoor greenery. Backed by decades of horticultural knowledge and a deep understanding of ornamental plants, The Little Botanical welcomes people to start their houseplant journey in a supportive and helpful way.