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Local Business launches new Carbon Neutral range cookers – Eco-conscious and fuel saving

Having a reliable and trustworthy cooker with which to produce this much anticipated feast is as essential as the ingredients themselves. Its this understanding and passion for cooking excellence that is just part of what has driven local businessman Graham Thornhill to design and produce his stunning portfolio of eco-conscious range cookers. An engineer by trade, Graham started his business some 20 years ago and developed his own innovative technology to produce a patented system focussed on fuel costs and saving the environment, in this article we hear some words from Grahm himself, enjoy!

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My passion for cooking and the environment were two very important drivers when I started designing and making range cookers over 20 years ago. As a professional engineer by trade, I could see the need for improvement in green credentials in these cookers and the opportunity for eco-conscious ranges. Developing my own innovative technology with a patented system focussed on reducing fuel costs and reducing carbon emissions has resulted in my Thornhill Range Cookers being so effective that they even met all the new European emissions legislation requirements set some 15 years later, a huge achievement”! 

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I set out to produce a traditional styled heavy iron stove full of the wonderful features we remember from childhood, yet push the boundaries in technology to have an eco cooker’ with complete controllability. My stoves give the best of both worlds. It was equally important to me as a local business, to proudly showcase British craftmanship, highlighting a heritage design whilst ensuring all elements were made here in England for a greener living”.

The stoves are designed and made with the finest iron materials to exceptional standards in Canterbury, Kent with 95% of parts sourced within a 200-mile radius. We also continually strive for improvement and are delighted to launch our new MK2 stove; a three-oven and five-oven hybrid wood range cooker, each with catalytic converters to ensure ultra-low emissions, zero carbon particulates and a staggering 90.2% efficiency”. 

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The Mk2 heats up from cold to 180 degrees in around 30 minutes and provides 3 – 6kW of heat into your room, remains warm overnight to help heat your kitchen, ready to simply refuel in the morning. They have a 50-litre spacious oven capacity with individual temperatures for controllability, AGA cookware compatibility, grill and large double hotplate, and are topped with a choice of mirror or enamel lids in over 30 colours. The hybrid 5 oven wood cooker range also includes a double ceramic hob with two electric ovens”. 

I am really proud of all our achievements, with over 600 Thornhill Range Cookers having been delivered world-wide to date. The stoves are as green as we can make them with a life expectancy of 40 plus years. Not only do they look beautiful and offer the latest clean-burn technology, but the new MK2 can also cost as little as £200 a year to run”!


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