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Lucy Hughes Creations

Lucy Hughes Creations offers beautiful hand-drawn prints for the modern home, alongside cheeky illustrations, modern wall art and gifts for adults that don’t want to grow up! You will find personalised gifts perfect for a little one’s nursery, important birthdays, anniversaries, weddings & other special occasions.

Lucy Hughes is an illustration artist based in West London. After years of making bespoke gifts for friends and family, she recently launched her own business selling her creative, and charming prints to a wider audience. Her unique work is all hand-drawn with ink and pencil and reproduced as a quality print on premium art paper with high-definition inks.

From a young age I was always drawing, painting, making things and being creative’. I never studied art formally as I was scared if I tried to make it professionally as an artist, then perhaps I would stop enjoying it. (And also perhaps a little scared I wouldn’t make it’ too!). I love quirky objects and things with a story. I love the silly, cheeky, funny things that make you smile and charm you. This is what I try to convey in my illustrations. For example, the Vintage Sexting’ print stemmed from a conversation with my parents about World War II postal acronyms and how racy they were. Things like this should be remembered and giggled about in my opinion. Other ideas for illustrations might blossom from a random passing comment or a song lyric. An image will pop into my head and I will scribble it down for later use. I must admit, sometimes I look back on these ideas and they are ridiculous, but other times they work (and there are so many I have yet to draw!).

I returned to drawing and painting during the first lockdown 2020. In between home-schooling and caring for my 5‑year-old twins, I found drawing to be a great solace and a brilliant form of relaxation. I also had a bit of an epiphany; If others can do this, then why can’t I?’ With the encouragement of some wonderful friends and family, I illustrated a collection of prints. I meanwhile researched and set up every aspect of my business by myself, which in honesty was a lot more complicated and demanding than I ever expected! From teaching myself photoshop, to designing and building the website. sourcing packaging, social media and so on. It has been a steep learning curve but an extremely satisfactory one! I have a simple set up for my work; a whole heap of colouring pencils and drawing pens, paints, and other media. A printer with high-definition inks, and really great quality printing paper. Oh, and lots of scraps of paper and books filled with ideas about what to draw next! 

I was previously always a bit scared of what others might think of my work, and if it would be judged harshly. I can now honestly say that I don’t give a fig! If people like it (which they seem to) then that is brilliant, and if they don’t then that’s also cool with me! 


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