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Refurb Resolutions

Come January, you may already be working on ways to achieve your health, fitness, and financial goals for the year, but there’s another important aspect of your life that’s worth adding to your list of New Year’s resolutions — your home, the HQ. It’s the place where you rest and recharge, enjoy quality time with family, cook your favourite food, and so much more, so we strongly believe it’s a place that should bring you as much joy as possible.

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That’s why it important to ensure your home is organised, inviting, and comfortable for you. Every one of us is different and whilst some of us may be most comfortable housed by magnolia or plain crisp surrounds, there are some of us who like a little more flamboyancy, loud colours and effects. Whatever your flavour we want to offer some achievable home improvement resolutions you’ll actually want to keep, to help you create a more chic, well-organized, and comfortable abode in the year ahead.

The top priority according to survey respondents is to refresh our existing spaces with fresh paint (44 per cent) and new carpets (27 per cent,) whilst many of us want to increase space within our homes by adding bespoke storage, built in wardrobes or a better designed kitchen unit spread. Just under 10 per cent of us wish to bring our social lives and daily activities indoors by adding a gym, office, or home bar.

Here are some of the top home improvements for 2023, and how you can implement them in your own home resolutions.

The top pick for home improvements in 2023 is a fresh coat of paint. Arguably the easiest of DIY tasks, and one that can have an immeasurable impact on the look and feel of your space. You do not need highly skilled tradesman to undertake a re decoration and there is many of us who could take this job on just fine and on a budget. 

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A major leading DIY store reported last year that sales of blue and green paint increased by 36 per cent and 32 per cent respectively as we sought to add some positivity to our homes.

Greens and blues are very calming colours as they are shown to soothe us and there are studies that even suggest they may lower our blood pressure,”

Blue is a productive colour choice and is a good addition to home offices and gyms. Green patterns, foliage in particular, can have a powerful effect on our mood bringing more positivity and calm by introducing the soothing theme of nature into our minds, an easy and effective way to escape the concrete jungle a lot of us can wander though each day

Alternatively, Alternatively, there are very good paste the wall wallpapers that have become increasingly popular over the past 2 years which can introduce botanical elements which can vary from basic patterns to high end, high quality bespoke designs that can really transform a room in spectacular fashion.

Carpets are one way to add warmth and a cosiness underfoot that wood flooring can’t provide. And while wood flooring is not going anywhere carpets meet a need for creating a plush home sanctuary. With quite literally 1000‘s of different styles, materials, colours and patterns the choice to create the exact feel, look and results can change the hospitality of your own quite dramatically with out any real disruption to the home apart from moving some furniture! 

Adding bar or gym to your home is seen as quite an addition, one that can be exciting to design and build. Over 6% of Brits added a bar of gym to their homes last year. Whether the current climate in closures of bars, rising prices of drinks or the thought in avoiding the ques creates a purpose for a private bar we do know that it is a rising trend and is not slowing down anytime soon

Over the past couple of years more and more people are now working from home, having a gym on site really can help to ensure fitness goals can be adhered to, expensive gym memberships can be saved and more time to spend on things you enjoy or with the families after work instead of having to trek to the gym is an attractive thought. A well-designed shed in the garden or a well utilised garage is all that’s really needed to install a private bar or gym, and if done well can even increase the property’s value! 

Written by Damon Robinson