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by Aspect County

Retro & Rustic

Warm metallics and a retro aesthetic characterise the latest kitchen project from The Main Company. A rustic space that has been designed with vintage style in mind, this kitchen has been created to reflect the homeowner’s personality – filled with its own quirks and individuality. For The Main Company, whose ethos it is to use reclaimed and rustic materials wherever possible, this kitchen was the perfect project to work on.

Part of a wider property renovation, the kitchen now benefits from an open plan design, perfect for visitors and providing an ideal space for entertaining. The floor-to-ceiling windows create a wonderfully light, bright and airy feel that allowed the homeowners to get creative with their colour scheme. Warm metallic tones were chosen, through the use of materials such as antique brass and concrete, to create a unique aesthetic.

Open shelving has been chosen over upper cabinets, presenting the homeowner with the opportunity for additional styling and decoration. The cabinetry elsewhere in the kitchen features a smooth, handle-less design, which creates clean, simple lines. Finished in a deep green, these cupboards complement the rich copper colours used elsewhere in the kitchen for an overall palette that is playful, inviting and cosy. The entire look is brought together through the use of vintage-inspired tiles for a striking focal point that draws the eye inwards.

The centrepiece of the entire kitchen is the statement kitchen island, which is topped with an impressive wraparound concrete worktop and has a beautiful antique brass panel installed. This material looks particularly stunning when it catches the sun, and its patina will only improve as time goes on.

The space has been finished beautifully with mismatched pendant lighting, jewel toned furniture, artwork, and houseplants, for a look that is somehow both strikingly retro, yet modern, all at once.