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How to use wallpaper in the home with AMC Design

© Heidi Marfitt

Wallpaper is an effective way of bringing a home to life and transforming a space. With the huge variety of wallpapers to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Founder of AMC Design Ann Marie Cousins takes us through her tips of how best to use it in our homes:

Use the colour wheel
Knowledge of the wheel can really help you understand the do’s and don’ts of colour pairing. Don’t be afraid to be bold! One of the best ways to do this is with complementary colours – where they sit opposite each other on the wheel – such as violet and yellow or orange and blue. This can make for an eye-catching room with maximum impact. A great starting point is colour blocking, so opt for statement furniture in bright tones with a striking wallpaper to sit behind.

© Heidi Marfitt

© Heidi Marfitt

© Colin Poole

Combine tones with texture
When choosing a wallpaper, whilst it is important to choose the right colour and pattern to tie into your interior design scheme, adding a wallpaper with a unique texture to it will add major depth and warmth to a space. This is ideal for a cosy room like a snug or a bedroom.

In a small space
If you’re keen to use wallpaper in the home, but are not sure how, start with a smaller room like a downstairs bathroom or utility room. Not only is this a more affordable option, but you can experiment more freely without committing to doing a huge room. Look for a wallpaper that really packs a punch to leave a lasting impression such as a fabulous geometric print, plus if you choose a wallpaper with a larger pattern, it also gives the illusion of space.

Connecting emotion and the room
Patterns and colours are known for affecting our feelings and emotions. When choosing a wallpaper, think about how you use the room in question first and what you require from it. In a bedroom for example, darker tones are a popular choice for promoting relaxation and helping you to switch off from daily life. Alternatively, in a living room or children’s playroom, opt for an interesting design or colourful mural to create a sense of vibrancy.