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by Aspect County

Sazy, Bringing Joy Back into the Home

Behind the heart of the Sazy brand and culture is the innate desire to bring joy back into the home. From quirky accessories to beautifully handwoven textiles and characterful furniture, Sazy’s vast andvaried eclectic collection is unlike any other on the UK market.

Championing local craftmakers and artisans from all over the world, with a strong Turkish influence, Sazy curates distinctive, ethnic designs, aiming to enhance everyday living and celebrate the spaces we live in through quality, handcrafted and unique products, all at an affordable price.

With a heritage steeped in Turkish influence and a strong ethnic, modern world expression, Sazy’s collections tell the meaningful stories of artisans, local producers and artists, with skills that have been passed down through many generations. Curating with purpose from cultural melting pots, Sazy will be launching new collections every season to offer its customers the latest unique, joyful products from some of the most talented producers from Turkey, Europe and beyond.

Born from the idea of falling back in love with the space you live in, appreciating a slower paced lifestyle and focusing on the little things that make a difference, Sazy’s thoughtful, quality products are so much more than individual items – they enhance your own style, adding comfort, warmth and joy into the place you call home. Offering instantly recognisable and beautifully designed, fairly priced products, Sazy puts its customers’ experience at the core of everything it does, offering free delivery, a first-class customer service and shorter lead times even on larger pieces of furniture.