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Spaceslide – Walk-In Wardrobes adding value to your property

Whether you’re putting your home on the market or simply looking for an interior refresh, deciding which homeware trend to go for is no easy feat. From loft conversions to house extensions, decking your garden to fitting a new kitchen, there’s an endless list to choose from. 

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When comparing 2,500 regular Zoopla properties across 18 major UK cities with those that boast walk-in or built-in wardrobes, our findings was startling. A walk-in and built-in wardrobe adds tens of thousands in value to your home. 

Walk-in wardrobes could add up to £103,800 to your property value! The average listing price of homes on Zoopla that featured walk in wardrobes’ was £337,687, while the average property price across the 18 cities was £233,889.

Enter Spaceslide whose walk-in wardrobe range averages at around £1,500, with a max order value of £14,000, working out at between a £89,000 and £102,000 profit for homeowners.

For a cost-effective renovation, the value boost from adding a built-in wardrobe is almost as impressive. Zoopla showed that homes featuring built-in wardrobe’ in the description were typically worth £78,632 more than the average property price of £233,889, coming in at an impressive £312,521.

Walk-in wardrobes have become an accessible refurbishment for homes across the UK. And for those feeling space-conscious, there’s always the more affordable and compact option of a built-in wardrobe. Spaceslide’s built-in wardrobe range starts from as little as £480, which works out on average a £78,000 profit. 

For those wondering how London scored — London homes with walk-in wardrobes boasted an average price tag of £1,008,927. That’s a massive £227,139 above the city’s average of £781,788. Likewise, London homes offering a built-in wardrobe averaged £963,879 — that’s £182,091 above the average price. 

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Whether you’re looking to put your house on the market in the next few years, or preparing to sell now, there are a range of factors that contribute to the overall value of a property,” adds Andy Briggs, Head of Graphics and Interior Design, at Spaceslide. 

A dream home for prospective buyers offers features that they won’t have to pay to change once they move in, which is why unique storage solutions, such as a modern walk-in or built-in wardrobe, may bolster your home’s value.”

Andy continues: While offering plenty of compact bedroom storage, walk-in wardrobes add a luxury feel to set your home apart from the rest. Of course, to maximise your property value, it will take more than one additional feature, but think of ways to make the buyer’s life easier after moving is a great place to start.”

If you’re eager to renovate your bedroom with a new wardrobe, there’s a wide range of compact and contemporary sliding door wardrobes for you to choose from.