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Stylish kitchen storage

The Main Company has been creating handcrafted, natural bespoke kitchens for over 40 years that are abound with distinctive charm and individuality.

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Delivering naturally bespoke and unique interiors for over 30 years, The Main Company uses novel ways to maximise storage and create kitchen spaces leaving them beautifully organised, streamlined and clutter-free.

The Main Company undertakes complete renovations of kitchens, delivering contemporary redesigns that allow for new built-in cabinetry, standalone storage units, additional worktops with complementary drawer space, and food cupboards ranging from integrated larders to enviable walk-in pantries.

Built-in storage works harmoniously alongside wall cabinets, and even separate utility room space to optimise the efficiency of the kitchen. Alternatively, opting for rustic open shelving can create a laid-back, beautiful space that is full of charm and character. Other ingenious ways to present kitchen items in an appealing and practical way include bespoke wine racks, spice shelves and unique display cabinets. These provide convenient places to store essential items such as chopping boards, pots and pans, and even the microwave.

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Taking inspiration from the traditional country kitchen, many of The Main Company’s projects feature the ultimate multi-tasker – a central island which not only provides a gathering point, but also the opportunity to maximise on additional storage, with space for drawers, cupboards and even wine coolers. A well-planned island helps to define the kitchen’s layout and provides plenty of extra worktop space for cooking, entertaining and enjoying everyday life – which, in turn, is kept clear by the handy built-in storage.

The Main Company’s storage space solutions range from traditional country Shaker-style cabinetry, to more industrial and edgy bespoke designs, utilising a combination of different new, salvaged and reclaimed materials, from engineered oak cabinets to concrete shelving – each utilised to the homeowner’s unique sense of style. 


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