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The tree lighting conundrum – Tips from the pros

String festoon led lights2

Due to the numerous types of tree lights and clusters they can be produced in, we advise you to stick to a 5‑metre rule to ensure that your chosen lights make it to the top of your tree. For a 6‑foot tree we recommend 15 metres of lit cable length. Keep in mind you’ll be needing to run the cable from the plug if you are purchasing the mains powered option of string lights.

As a rough guide here is a chart for a tree height to numbers of lights ratio, if you prefer a low key twinkly look then we advise to purchase towards the first number in the right column, the second number will give you a much brighter illumination, we only advise this number if you have a large room in which you house your Christmas tree.

Tree Height Number of Lights
3 feet 300600 lights
4 feet 400800 lights
5 feet 5001000 lights
6 feet 6001200 lights
7 feet 7001400 lights
8 feet 8001600 lights
9 feet 9001800 lights
10 feet 10002000 lights

No more reaching behind the tree!

A simple but time (and back) saving product has its perfect use this festive season. Introducing the smart plug! 

You can now power on and off your Christmas lights without having to lift yourself from the sofa and even turn on the Christmas lighting before you arrive home. A real gamechanger for 2020.