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Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog…

As the phrase goes… every dog has its day and last month it was the turn of the hound dogs as the 53rd Open Dog Show/17th Première Dog Show was staged at The All England Jumping Course, in Hickstead. The event which took place on Sunday 4 September brought many hounds and their exhibitors, from all over the UK, who took great pride in showing their prized companions to the avid spectators. The garden party’ feel of the show, allows exhibitors and other enthusiasts to get together to share stories and enjoy a picnic whilst renewing acquaintances. 


This year the show supported an entry of 27 breeds of hound registered with The Kennel Club, from the smallest of hounds, the Dachshund, to the immense Irish Wolfhound, all were on display. Those winning 1st-4th place in the group or puppy group also qualified for the international dog show, Crufts. With a total of 266 dogs with 423 entries the judges and stewards had their work cut out, appraising both new members to the show and regulars alike. 


Each hound breed was divided into class sections. The highest number of category entries came from the Whippet, a quiet and intelligent breed, followed closely by the majestically large Deerhound. The sporting atmosphere of the competition means each are judged accordingly with the chosen going forward for top prizes. The winning hounds of each class are decorated with rosettes and a donation of prize money is received by their owners. The event accumulates in the award for Best in Show. This year saw the prestigious prize go to a Whippet and Best Puppy in Show was honoured to an Irish Wolfhound. An eleven-year-old Basset won the Best Veteran in Show with the Reserve Veteran in Show awarded to a seven-year-old Basenji. 

This is the Best in Show winning Whippet

Best in Show winning Whippet

This is the Best Puppy in Show Irish Wolfhound

Best Puppy in Show Irish Wolfhound

This is the Best Veteran in Show on the left 11 year old Basset and the Reserve Veteran in Show on the right 7 year old Basenji

Best Veteran in Show (on the left — 11-year-old Basset) and the Reserve Veteran in Show (on the right — 7 year old Basenji)

The South Eastern Hound Club’s show is held each September, under The Kennel Club rules and regulations, and all dogs must be registered with The Kennel Club in order to be eligible to compete at the show. 

At the event this year funds were raised to support the Appeal for Ukraine – Kennel Club Charitable Trust to support those dogs and their breeders and owners from Ukraine, who are in need. The appeal will continue until Crufts in March 2023, where the four-day auction will be held.

Auction prizes have been gratefully received from show members and through the generosity of businesses and organisations, such as Skybus Ballooning, Glyndebourne, Hickstead, Harvey’s Brewery, Sow Wild and many more. 

Should you wish to donate to the appeal visit 

For anyone wishing to find out more about the South Eastern Hound Club, information can be found on their Facebook Page South Eastern Hound Club.