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Enhancing Ightham Mote

A Blend of History and Modern Conservation In the tranquil countryside of Kent, a historic gem is undergoing a transformation. Ightham Mote, with its rich history dating back centuries, is not only preserving its past but also embracing a sustainable future through its innovative infrastructure project and an engaging summer season of programming.

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Unlocking the future at Ightham Mote
The ongoing infrastructure project at Ightham Mote is a testament to the dedication of its stewards. Beginning with the relocation of parking spaces, the project has progressed swiftly, now focusing on construction of a sustainable Visitor Reception and Shop building. This meticulous attention to detail extends to the landscaping surrounding the area, ensuring a harmonious blend of nature and functionality for visitors and wildlife to enjoy for years to come.

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One of the pivotal steps in this endeavour was the removal of cars from the historic Walled Garden, clearing the path for its future reinstatement. The construction of a sustainable Visitor Reception and Shop building, protected by scaffolding, marks a significant milestone in the project. Scheduled for completion late this summer, this structure will serve as a beacon of modernity while seamlessly integrating with the historic surroundings.

As the infrastructure takes shape, the focus shifts towards enhancing biodiversity and mitigating environmental risks. The construction of a new attenuation pond at the lower end of Millfield stands as a vital measure for site drainage, flood mitigation, and fostering biodiversity. Tested and proven invaluable during heavy rainfall, this pond underscores the National Trust’s commitment to sustainable land management.

Moreover, efforts to enrich the landscape include the planting of 700 new trees on the bund, with more in the pipeline. This initiative not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the ecological balance of the area. Visitors are invited to participate in this noble endeavour by sponsoring a tree, fostering a sense of community stewardship.


Tudor Spies, Plots and Uprisings: A Summer of Selby Spies
Amidst the hustle of construction, Ightham Mote unveils its summer season of Selby Spies. Step into the shoes of Tudor spymasters, delving into the intrigues of Elizabeth I’s court and the schemes of Mary Queen of Scots and delve into the illustrious history of the Selby family, who played a pivotal role in the property’s legacy. This summer of Selby Spies offers a captivating journey through the vibrant tapestry of Ightham Mote’s Tudor history and also promises interactive experiences for families, with activities ranging from code-breaking challenges to a themed outdoor trail. 

Designed to ignite curiosity and foster learning, these fun-filled Tudor activities ensure that visitors of all ages leave with lasting memories. 


Talks and reenactments to take place on:

22nd24th of August
Royal Intrigues Unveiled: Tudor Power Plays from Elizabeth I to Edward VI

29th31st of August
Forging Tudor Legacies: Rebellion, Pretenders, and Tournament Triumphs

As Ightham Mote continues its journey of conservation and innovation, it invites National Trust members and visitors to be part of its story. Whether through donations, membership, or simply exploring the estate’s beauty, every contribution adds to the legacy of this historic treasure.

In the midst of construction and transformation, Ightham Mote remains a beacon of resilience, embracing the past while forging ahead towards a sustainable future. With each brick laid and each tree planted, it reaffirms its commitment to preserving heritage and nurturing nature for generations to come.

Further information about this ongoing infrastructure project and upcoming events is available on the Ightham. 


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