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by Aspect County

Head for the hills

Are you a snail, a turtle or a bubbler? If covid taught us nothing it is that we all need our own space sometimes, a bubble to feel safe and be ourselves, enjoy getting out, away from the daily hustle, unwind and take life in. The past few years has lead some of us to explore the world around us, often forgotten in search of the sand and sun which is thought only to be discovered on the other end of a flight. 

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When the all-inclusive hotel, or the week by the pool is not the only option it allows us to look closer to the discoveries that await on our own doorstep and one of the main things to consider is- where do we stay and how do we get there? A hotel is not the only way to discover the country and when a plane is not always necessary why not take the opportunity to travel, stay, explore, and take a step back. Whether you need champagne glamping or a tap in a field, the camping life caters for all. 

Camping has evolved from waking up at 6am in your tent to condensation dripping on your face. From leaky old timber caravans and air cool VW’s that breakdown at the first sign of a hill. 

There’s a special kind of feeling when you can spontaneously pack up and head for the hills, beach or whatever takes your fancy that weekend with as little as your pillow or as much as your kitchen sink, not that you will need that in a 21st century campervan. 


For some it’s a motorhome with every imaginable luxury, for others it’s a caravan which you can leave behind and explore the area, or the fun and freedom of a campervan which is the best of both worlds. Whichever you choose will lead to exploration & opportunity. The liberation of adventure has to be experienced to be believed…

I was lucky enough to live the campervan dream’ for the first time in the summer of 2022. My boyfriend (who suffers from a dripping tent phobia) and I travelled down to Pad-Stein for the seafood and scenery. The weather was hot, hotter than the Caribbean kind of hot. We had ice cream every day and local beer every night. Being big fans of cooking, the Cadac BBQ was sizzling every evening. We were planning to go out for dinner one night but it was so much fun back on the campsite that we stayed for a campfire and marshmallows instead. 


The cool of the evening is welcome after the heat of the day. The sun set behind the waves, the steak sizzling on the BBQ, a beer in one hand and BBQ tongs in the other. Whether you’re traveling the west coast, the Scottish 500 or the Wales Way, there is no better feeling than this.

The best part is that this is for everyone! You can take your campervan to where it best suits you whether it be surfing, festivaling or touring & exploring the scenic beauty across our country or even the world. It’s limitless! I will admit that I was not sure how this trip was going to pan out. I needn’t have worried, Ed with the drip phobia was soon converted, we loved it!