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In a blaze of glory

Remember, remember the 5th November and the familiar sounds of whizz, bang, zoom ooohs and ahhhs of a firework display. Enter autumn with bang, with our guide to some of the best firework displays around plus tips for hosting a bonfire night, firework display, at home. 

Quex Park Fireworks
If you’re looking for a firework display with a difference, with all the flamboyance of Freddie Mercury, head down to Quex Park in Birchington, Kent. They are hosting a celebration of the legendary music of Queen with a firework display, bonfire and Queen tribute act – The Show Must Go On! www​.quex​park​fire​works​.co​.uk

Date to remember: Saturday 6th November 2021

Leeds Castle Fireworks Spectacular
Another firework display with a theme can be found at Leeds Castle Kent, this time the accompanying music will be themed around space. The display will be timed to music and will feature projections, lasers and a spectacular lighting finale. www​.leeds​-cas​tle​.com

Date to remember: Saturday 6th Sunday – 7th November 2021

Autumn Lights Sussex
A spectacle of light at the South of England Showground – it claims to be Sussex’s biggest ever fireworks extravaganza’ with hot air balloon night glow, glowing roaming entertainers, street food and much more. www​.autumn​lights​.co​.uk

Date to remember: Saturday 13th November 2021

If you don’t fancy venturing out this bonfire night then, here are some tips for hosting your own illuminated night:

Choosing your fireworks
There are a huge variety of bangers and rockets to choose from, allowing your celebration to be as low-key or extravagant as you like. Remember to only buy fireworks which carry the CE mark. Both category 2 and 3 fireworks are allowed to be used in a home environment and category 4 are only to be used by professionals. 

Be kind to animals
Keep pets indoors early, fireworks can terrify animals and if you know that your neighbours have nervy pets, be considerate and tell them your plans too. Ensure doors, windows and curtains are closed to reduce the sound of the loud bangs and big flashes. 

Bonfire Night treats
Think hot dogs, veggie burgers, butternut squash soup, hot chocolate and marshmallows for toasting. Oh, and it’s never too early for a warming drink of spiced mulled wine!

Have a backup plan
As we all know, the weather here in the UK can be very changeable so it’s wise to have a plan B’ especially when planning an event outdoors. If the forecast says rain then rather than cancel think how you can adapt your night and still create the perfect atmosphere inside. Indoor sparklers are always a good idea!

Then stand back and enjoy the show…