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Nature’s Classroom: Embracing Learning and Community at One Garden Brighton

Nestled within the serene confines of Brighton lies a hidden gem, One Garden Brighton, a historic walled garden that has been lovingly resurrected and repurposed as a hub for learning and community engagement under the stewardship of Plumpton College. Serving as a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts and curious minds alike, this tranquil oasis is open daily, welcoming visitors with open arms and free admission. Here, amidst the verdant greenery, One Garden Brighton fosters a deep-rooted connection with the local community, recognizing and honouring the invaluable contributions of nearby producers, artisans, and cultivators.


At One Garden Brighton, education takes centre stage, with a myriad of opportunities to learn and explore the wonders of horticulture, floristry, and contemporary land-based practices. Led by seasoned experts from Plumpton College, the garden offers a diverse array of part-time courses and workshops designed to inspire and empower individuals to cultivate their passion for plants and the environment.

In addition to its educational endeavours, One Garden Brighton boasts a delectable dining experience at One Kitchen, where the ethos of sustainability and locality takes precedence. From farm to fork, the restaurant prides itself on serving up tantalizing dishes crafted from locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, with meats and wines often hailing from the college’s own student-produced batches. Under the guidance of skilled apprentices and chefs, each meal is a celebration of Sussex’s rich culinary heritage.

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Throughout the year, One Garden Brighton plays host to a vibrant tapestry of events, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of their surroundings. Whether it’s the lively Paws on the Lawns dog show on June 16th or the spirited Sussex Drinks Festival on June 29th, there’s always something exciting happening amidst the garden’s lush lawns. Guests are encouraged to kick back, relax, and savour their favourite local libations while enjoying live screenings of events like Glastonbury, creating unforgettable memories in the heart of nature.

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One Market stands as a bustling hive of activity within One Garden Brighton, offering a diverse array of artisanal goods and fresh produce sourced from the finest purveyors across Sussex. With each visit, patrons are treated to a delightful array of treasures, reflecting the vibrant tapestry of the local community.

In essence, One Garden Brighton is more than just a garden – it’s a thriving ecosystem of learning, dining, and community spirit, where the beauty of nature meets the boundless potential of human creativity and connection. 


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