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70th Anniversary of the Jaguar C-Type

Jaguar Classic is bringing a strictly limited production run of hand built, new C‑type Continuations to life in celebration of the iconic model’s motorsport heritage, 70 years after it first raced to victory at the Le Mans 24 Hours.

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The team at Jaguar Classic have painstakingly researched the C‑type’s history for the Continuation’s exacting specification, bringing Jaguar’s heritage to life through modern technology and engineering expertise. 

The C‑type is one of the most iconic cars in Jaguar’s illustrious racing history, driven by some of the most-admired drivers in history. The C‑type Continuation keeps Malcolm Sayers’ iconic and advanced design alive thanks to the first application of 3D CAD drawings by Jaguar Classic, marrying design and motorsport heritage with the very latest engineering tools.’ Dan Pink Director, Jaguar Classic

The original C‑type was famed for its fluid and aerodynamic shape. Originally dubbed the XK120C and using that iconic vehicle as its base, the C‑type would go on to become one of the most important cars in Jaguar’s racing history.

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A treasure hunt for authenticity
In creating the C‑type Continuation, a deep-dive into the C‑type’s history and heritage was required to inform the way in which it should be built, its specification and its racing prowess. Before the physical development could begin, almost two years of data compilation was required, kicking off what would become something of a treasure hunt into Jaguar’s archives, drawings, documents and pictures to piece together how to build this iconic car in the 21st century.

By using modern methodology, Malcolm Sayers’ original designs could be confirmed. The state-of-the-art tools that Jaguar Cars has in its arsenal today helped validate the authenticity and ingenuity of the original C‑type.

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C‑type Continuations specification
Of the 53 Jaguar C‑types built in the 1950s, 43 were sold to private owners. The Jaguar team with its myriad of documents and references will deliver another continuation vehicle with unparalleled attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Eight new C‑type Continuation cars will be built ahead of a racing-inspired celebration event for their owners in 2022. Each example will reflect the 1953 Le Mans-winning works team car specification, including its 3.4‑litre straight-six engine with triple Weber 40DCO3 carburettors, producing 220bhp, and the ground-breaking disc brakes that contributed to the record-breaking triumph at the 1953 Le Mans 24 Hours.

The original-spec clocks and gauges are an illustration of the hours of craftsmanship that go into creating a C‑type Continuation. Not only are they faithful to the originals, but the way in which they are integrated – is an example of the fine and delicate attention to detail that Jaguar Classic engineers employ to create the perfect example.

For all C‑type Continuations, materials have been sourced for the interior that respect and reference the original’s heritage, effortlessly and effectively blending old with new, to ensure authenticity while also providing a high quality and reliable finish for owners.

The Rexine finish on the dashboard and side panels of the Continuation cars, is from the last roll of this type of material available, providing an ambience as possible by delivering the same type of finish from 70 years ago.

The seats, finished in a choice of eight leather hues, and upholstered by Bridge of WeirTM, and are complemented with racing harnesses. A Bluemel steering wheel is true to the original with no roundel affixed to the centre – however customers can specify the iconic Jaguar badging if they desire.

Owners have twelve exterior colours to pick from, including Suede Green, Cream, Pastel Blue and British Racing Green, and the opportunity to enhance the exterior to their own specification with door roundels finished in White or Old English White. Jaguar badging can also be specified. 


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