by Aspect County

A new level of luxury

Taking the world of car storage up a gear

A bespoke garage for your collection, a space you never knew existed. AUTO CAVE, part of the Knowles group, takes the world of luxury to a whole new level. London’s most experienced and leading contractor in subterranean construction projects, was born following an upsurge in clients looking to build a space within their home, to house their private collection of luxury cars.

For many, collections are kept at an external location, away from their main residence – a set-up that requires planning, organisation and time. With AUTO CAVE, you can bring your collection home, providing you with instant access to your portfolio, in the most discreet and secure way possible.

The unique garaging solution is bespoke, creating the ultimate destination for you and your collection – ideal for those that require a suitable yet discreet environment for automobiles, classic and new. 

From concept to completion, each customer will receive a complete design and build service to create a unique subterranean world. Each project has a dedicated team to work on all elements, from initial schematics, architectural layouts and design, to planning submissions, surveys and structural design.

Working closely with renowned architects, who take into account residential confines, to design and build either a single or multi-car cave, AUTO CAVE is a bespoke world that has no boundaries. As the new-age solution for car storage with innovative technologies, this is undoubtedly the most sought-after luxury addition to any home, within the city or the country. 

Part of the Knowles group, AUTO CAVE has an unparalleled experience and industry reputation in subterranean developments, an industry that has transformed over the past 25 years. Once, basements were identified as a solution when extensions were not possible, however now, the demand for a space that is discreet, safe and bespoke to house collection of cars, classic and new, is clearly prominent.