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Restoring Classics

Restoring a classic car takes knowledge, time and a lot of patience but the results can be breathtaking. When a classic left in a garage, in a bad state of disrepair, is reconditioned to its former glory it brings a piece of history alive. We owe it to classic car manufacturers to maintain and rebuild the classic cars of former years, so that they can be admired once again, for their engineering and beauty now and for the future.

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Based in Battle, East Sussex, Kingswell Coachworks is renowned for producing award-winning restorations to both classic and sports cars alike. Extensive research into the originality and history of each car delivers authentic high-class body and paintwork on all projects. 

In the hands of highly skilled and experienced bodywork specialists the team make a full assessment of the integrity of the bodywork before the rebuild process stars. The car will be fully repaired to its former self before being passed to the paintwork technicians who have the lengthy task of transforming the body into a work of art. 

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The paint shop can produce original and bespoke racing colour schemes, and all stripe work is hand-painted. They have an impressive range of over 30,000 samples of colours dating back to the 1940s right through to the most up to date shades and effects so you can be assured of an authentic colour.

In addition to full restoration, repaints and bodywork modifications, many famed and historic racing cars have passed through Kingswell Coachworks for race car preparation and post race body repair. 

Whether your pride and joy is a classic Mini or Jaguar E Type get it out of the garage and back on the road again for all to admire. 


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