by Aspect County

Supercar Capsule

Making your car the centrepiece for your interiors

Created by a group of designers with a taste for exotic and lavish cars, the Supercar Capsule is one of the few design projects dedicated to supercars and combining them with architecture. It is the brainchild of ASZarchitetti and SuperFutureDesign which transforms your garage into your personal showroom.

The firm is responsible for over 400 incredible projects across Europe, Asia, Saudi Arabia, and of course, the Middle East. Throughout its two decades of excellent service, the skilled team of architects and designers have provided picky clients with some of the best design solutions they could find. The list of accolades, awards, and prizes that they have won over the years speaks volumes of their credibility as a design firm.

Your house, your rules

As with most of the projects that the ASZarchitetti team pick up, the client has input over the project. There is no defined template, no by-the-book rules, or restrictions — everything is fair game; there is really no limit to the project’s individuality or customisation. 

If your garage is close to one of the rooms of your house, you can create an entrance through the wall and make the car the highlight of your interior décor. Now, your guests will not merely enjoy your bold design choices, but your taste in exotic cars too. 

You can also completely remodel the interior of your garage to give it a new and pristine or futuristic look. From the finishes to the colour scheme and lighting effects, everything is up for change, and everything is under your control. 

However, if you were not to show your car off separate from your home, then you can get a completely different construction depending on the space available.


A project by supercar enthusiasts for enthusiasts

This is very much a passion project by the team at SUPERCAR CAPSULE, as they provide you with a service that is unique in its presentation. You can make your supercar a part of either your interior or exterior décor, or just give your garage the extreme makeover that your car deserves. 

Moreover, since this is a very abstract idea, no two projects are alike. Your design will complexly revolve around your car, its requirements, and needs, further adding individuality to your project.