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Home storage trends for 2023

The New Year is synonymous with fresh starts and of course, the big January house declutter which gets us all thinking about how we can make changes to the way we organise our homes. If 2023 is the year you plan to give your home a stylish lift, here are some top home storage trends from Sliderobes, that are set to dominate the world of interiors in the months ahead. 


Home office order
With the shift to home working, people have been looking at ways to create an organised home office that’s free from distraction. The new trend for home offices is storage solutions that are built in and bespoke, when it comes to their shelving, drawers and desks. Not only does this give it a personal touch but also makes the area feel like a functional workspace, to promote productivity.

Sustainable storage
2023 will be the year for sustainable storage. Eco-friendly options aren’t anything new but this trend is gaining momentum and it’s likely that more people will be opting for natural materials and aesthetics such as rattan and bamboo, glass and wood for their storage, whether it’s baskets, boxes, shelves or wardrobes.

Crittal doors
In terms of styles, Sliderobes have seen a huge increase in crittall style doors for their customers’ wardrobes and this trend is here to stay. It’s easy to see why, as it’s chic and minimal but has a bit of a modern edge. It’s also versatile enough to suit any room style; from mid century to Scandi.


Blue is back
Grey has long been the interiors shade of choice but colour is making a comeback. Last year saw a resurgence of green but this year blue will be the perfect pick. Depending on the shade, blue can suit any room and style. Rich deep blues will look luxurious, whilst grey toned denim blues can create a sense of peace and calm.

Bespoke for you
The ultimate trend for storage in 2023 will be personalised design. Everyone wants their home to feel unique and reflect their character and this will be integrated into storage solutions too. After all, everyone has individual storage needs. Whether it’s a bookworm who wants a library of shelving or a shoe lover who needs a built-in shoe-rack in their wardrobe to protect, show-off and store their collection, storage that’s fit for your lifestyle and your belongings, makes it much easier to keep a space calm and organised, as everything will have its own place.

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