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The Post-Lockdown International Property Boom

As travel restrictions ease and the world begins to settle into its new normal, Jana Korpova-Harris, Director of Growth at Property Guides, explains why Brits are increasingly looking to buy property abroad.

Lockdown gave us all time to reflect, and as we look to the future, many are reassessing how, and most importantly, where they want to spend their time. A further cut in interest rates is also making Brits reconsider where to put their money, while the Brexit transition period is increasing the urgency to become resident within the EU.

Sea View Property La Zagaleta Spain

Despite ongoing global health concerns, Brits’ enthusiasm to buy property abroad has remained. We have seen a trend for people purchasing overseas, particularly in Spain, for health and lifestyle reasons, with many making the move to fulfil dreams of a more active, healthy life in the sun.

Where to buy

France and Spain are the most popular destinations, offering wonderful lifestyles and sound investment opportunities for British buyers. In Spain, our research shows that almost three-quarters of prospective buyers are looking at the south-eastern costas. There is plenty on offer, from crisp Mediterranean beaches, to warm winters and no shortage of things to do, all year round.

In France, Nouvelle Aquitaine is the most desirable region, known for its lush valleys, vineyards, and picturesque medieval towns. It offers a calm, relaxed lifestyle, whilst offering new adventures that most buyers crave.

New Build Spain

Elsewhere in Europe, Portugal’s Algarve remains a strong investment opportunity following the country’s efficient handling of the pandemic. Portugal also offers golden visas’ to overseas buyers who invest in properties worth €500,000 or more, allowing them to gain a residency permit. With stunning new-build properties popping up along the coastline every month, it’s no wonder the Algarve remains one of Europe’s most popular locations. Portugal is one of only a handful of countries expected to see a rise in property prices this year.

What to buy

The desire for a healthier, more relaxed lifestyle is also reflected in the most sought-after types of homes right now. For example, golf properties are increasing in popularity. Interestingly, the number of people taking up the sport is in decline, however, golf resorts often include a host of wellness facilities, including gyms, spas and pools, offering Brits a lifestyle that cannot easily be achieved in the UK.

This trend can be seen across the continent. In Spain, detached villas are favoured by the majority. In France, country cottages are most popular. They offer privacy, tranquillity, and space; which is the change in pace that many are striving for.

Renovated Apartment Portugal

How to buy

We know that many of our clients have already booked trips to view properties. However, for those who are not yet ready to get back in the air, agents across the world are offering virtual viewings to give prospective buyers a real-time view into properties from the comfort of their own homes. UK-based events, like The Luxury Property Show, also allow buyers to view an eclectic mix of properties from agents across the globe, all in one place. 

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