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Virtual Viewings: Expert Tips To Sell Your House Online

Now that the lockdown is loosening and the property market is slowly opening up, people are starting to think about buying and selling property.

If you’re selling, you have to show off your house, whether in person or online. As a result, Sell​house​fast​.uk has gathered a list of tips to help present your property in the best way possible!
Virtual Viewings

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A spokesperson for Sell​house​fast​.uk commented Now with the risks associated with visiting other locations and the fear of possible contamination, we have seen a rise in virtual viewings. This is a sensible and risk free way to see your new potential home”.


With this being the case, Sell​house​fast​.uk has provided a few useful tips if you are thinking of showcasing your home virtually in first instance:

  • Make a video tour of your home – Showing off your home with an audio description would be a great way for people to experience a viewing without going, but you have to make sure the camera work is professional looking and good quality.
  • Do a Zoom call with prospective buyers – Jump on the WFH bandwagon and do a call with your viewers, this will allow them to ask you questions and let them feel like they know more about the house before purchasing.
  • Plan when you are going to show off your home – Whether you’re filming a tour or doing a call as above, plan the timing so the lighting in your home is extra special and illuminates the property.
  • Make sure the pictures you upload are extra clear – With viewings being more difficult to arrange, you want to make sure your photos for selling are as clear and detailed as possible.
  • Be honest about any flaws – With people not being able to inspect your property in person they are more likely to be suspicious that you could be leaving things out of the virtual viewing, therefore some honesty will go a long way. Show viewers you’re trustworthy and someone they would want to buy from.

More generally, these tips will help you out with any kind of viewing, if you’re trying to make your property as appealing as possible:

  • Clean Living – Start by going in every room to remove unnecessary clutter, which may be contributing to a messy’ outlook. Grab a big basket or black bag to put bits and pieces in that don’t belong in a certain room. Doing this will make each room more presentable.
  • Welcoming Aroma – An hour or so before a viewing, open a window in each room to let some fresh air in. This will also get rid of any distracting smells. For instance, in the kitchen, getting rid of the unpleasant smells caused by cooking meat/fish etc. Similarly, consider getting some candles and diffusers.
  • Adequate Lighting – There is nothing worse than a dull, dark, unsettling environment through a lack of lighting. To combat this, consider putting a table or floor lamp (ideally with LED bulbs) in each room which is bright enough to highlight the main features of the room. Additionally, lamps also create a cosy glow and aesthetic for certain rooms, such as the kitchen.
  • Small Details – If certain walls in the house are heavily dented/marked/cracked, then think about re-painting them before putting your house up for sale. Moreover, if any door handles or locks in the house are not working/semi-broken, then replace them with new secure ones. If there are noticeable holes in the walls then fill them up, and if your skirting boards look worn out, varnish them.
  • Garden Welfare – If your property has a garden, evaluate how it looks to someone who doesn’t live there. If the grass is overgrown, then mow it to a really short length. If your paving is filled with dirt and has weeds sticking out of it, use a pressure washer to thoroughly remove them. Any plants which have overgrown, trim them down. Lastly, wipe/wash down the garden furniture until it’s spotless.
  • Little Things – Before a scheduled viewing, if the weather is cold, ensure you turn on the heating beforehand. In the bathroom and kitchen, make sure to leave out a clean set of towels. Furthermore, spray each room with a nice air freshener. In the bedrooms, make sure the beds are done and empty bins.

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