The King's Coronation
by Aspect County

The Royal Throne

Shaun Brownell and his team of tailors, seamstresses, frame makers and upholsters at Rhubarb Chairs are once again taking on an incredible Royal project in preparation for the Kings coronation. We previously took a delve into Shaun‘s work over at Rhubarb Chairs back in June when his team created a masterpiece chair for the late Queens Jubilee celebrations. We had such an incredible response to this article it was only right that we went back over to Rhubarb chairs when we heard about the next project they are working on, behold the Kings Coronation chair!

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The Coronation Chair 006 JH

The first step in creating the armchair is to determine the design. The chair must be grand and majestic, with intricate details and luxurious materials. The designer must take into account the king’s traits and the overall theme of the coronation. The chair should be a reflection of the king’s personality and style, while also being functional and comfortable.

Once the design has been finalized, the materials must be selected. The chair is made of high-quality materials such as hardwood, velvet, and gold embroidery. The wood should be carved and polished to the highest standards, while the velvet should be soft and plush. The embroidery should be applied by skilled artisans to add a touch of opulence and grandeur. The next step is to assemble the chair. This is a complex process that requires skilled craftsmen. The wood must be carefully cut and shaped to fit the design, while the velvet must be sewn and upholstered to perfection. 

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The Coronation Chair 008 JH

The coronation chair that Rhubarb has created is opulent in design and draped in a regal purple cape with the unique and distinctive striking royal white fur collar and edging. The cape must hold the appearance that someone is wearing it much like all of the pieces coming through from Shaun’s team, realism is paramount, and they create this to a tee. 

Its wonderful to see Rhubarb Chairs still at the forefront of monumental centre pieces when it comes to these special occasions and is a testament to Shaun and his teams professionalism and accolades. Rhubarb has created many special and unique pieces over the years, and you should defiantly pay their site a visit and take a look at the abundance of creativity that pours into each and every design they do. 


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