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A Tapestry of Autumn Delights

As the calendar turns to October, the country undergoes a delightful transformation. The relentless heat of summer gives way to a cooler, more temperate climate… read more

Leisure & Travel
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Busy, busy, busy!

It’s going to be a busy autumn for the 15 talented painters, potters, jewellers, printers and glassworkers from the ArtSpring Gallery in Tonbridge. As well… read more

Arts & Culture
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Embrace Health and Beauty in Autumn

As the vibrant colours of summer gradually fade into the golden hues of autumn, nature undergoes a magnificent transformation, and so should you. Autumn is… read more

Health & Beauty
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Hunter Law Q&A Employment Law

I’ve discovered that one of our employees who normally works from home, has been working from her parents’ house abroad. Should I allow this to… read more