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Roedean School

Roedean is the place to nurture your talents, spark your curiosity, develop your skills, and let your imagination run riot. This is because we believe… read more

Education & Family
Benenden School educates and cares for 550 girls

A Century of a Complete Education

Journalists who have braved war zones to report the truth. Humanitarians who have founded global charities. Princesses whose humanitarian work has touched millions. Trailblazing women… read more

Education & Family
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Hazelwood School

Outdoor learning plays a key part in the outstanding education Hazelwood School delivers. The 25-acre grounds are home to a variety of different environments that… read more

Education & Family
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Divorce Dialogue

Q: I paid for home improvements, but I don’t own the property we live in. We’re now splitting up. Can I get the money I… read more

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