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Take time for yourself

People have appreciated the practice of bathing for thousands of years. In Roman times, it was considered a fundamental right for city dwellers to use… read more

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Fire, Ice & Birth

For many women, pregnancy brings glowing skin, rosy cheeks, and plump complexions. Others, however, can experience hormonal skin changes that aren’t so welcomed, including acne… read more

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New Year, Still You.

New year’s resolutions may not actually be the most beneficial gift you could give your self this January… read more

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Feeling Festive, The Healthy Way

As we enter December, for many it is a time of indulgence, feasting and festive cheer as we join with friends and family in spreading… read more

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A Sight to Behold

“Eyewear should not be about just a brand name stamped at the temple of a frame, but about a personal statement, a physical enhancement, and… read more

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Putting their love of nature at the centre of everything they do, Foras the Folkestone-based artisan perfume and cosmetics brand is a brand like no… read more

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Windows of Health

It is said that “eyes are windows to the soul” but did you know that they are also windows for an optometrist to detect health… read more

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